Grand National Double – 187 Tickets

Maximum of 34 Horses in the Grand National Race. These tickets have the Saddle Numbers 01 to 34 inside as a double so the winning ticket is the first 2 horses home. For example: Horse 22 wins and 33 comes second, winning ticket is 22 33.

COST PER SET – £25  3 chances per ticket

This set has 187 tickets as there is 3 chances to win per ticket. You can pay out 1, 2 or 3 prizes it’s up to you but most pay 3. Winner is first 2 horses to finish. 2nd Prize is 1st and 3rd horses and 3rd Prize is 1st and 4th. You choose your prizes and what you want to charge per ticket. A sample of this is below

187 Tickets: £300 1st and 2nd placed. £200 1st and 3rd. £100 1st and 4th. Price per ticket £5. This would make the club a net profit of £310

Please type your details in the boxes when ordering Club Name Box type Name of team or Organization Followed by Prizes and Ticket Price then click on add to cart.
An email will be sent to confirm correct prizes etc., before going to print.

Sample of what to type. Club Name: Chestnut Roofing F.C.       Prizes and Ticket Price: £300 £200 £100 £5

Club Name
Prizes and Ticket Price