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Euro 2024 Doubles Tickets. 3 sets to choose from 276, 138, 92 tickets.

Payout 1 Prize, 2 Prizes or 3 Prizes. You choose!

There are 24 teams taking part which gives a double combination of 276 tickets per set. Winner of the main prize is the ticket with the 2 teams that reach the final but you can pay out a 2nd prize by adding the 2 Losing Semi-Finalists or give out 3 Prizes by paying out on the 2 Semi-Final Ties. To give more options we can print a set with 138 tickets (2 chances per ticket) and also a set with 92 Tickets (3 Chances per ticket). You pick your own Prize to pay out and the cost you want to charge per ticket. First thing to decide is how many tickets you want in a set (276, 138 or 92) then how many prizes do you want to pay out (1, 2 or 3) How much prize money do you want to pay out and how much are you charging per ticket. Click on the links below

How it works: In the example below this will show how the winning ticket “The 2 Finalists” is decided. Also how a second prize can be added “The 2 Losing Semi-Finalists” or if you want to pay 3 prizes “The Semi-Final Ties”

Eventually the 24 teams taking part will come down to just 4 teams and will give 2 fixtures like this.

Spain v England,  France v Germany  (Semi-Final Ties)   If England and Germany both win they are the winning ticket as they are “The 2 Finalistst” This would make Spain and France “The 2 Losing Semi-Finalist”

Click below how many tickets you want in a set

276 Tickets per set – £30 per set

138 Tickets per set – £25 per set

92 Tickets per set – £22 per set